This workshop could go two ways depending on the participant. We could start with some examples of how Wikispaces is used in High School - DP program - specifically ITGS and then go for either (a) a basic hands-on from the start or (b) Q&A session.

Examples of Global Collaboration Projects

ITGS Case Studies:

Option A - Hands On

This could be a hands on workshop. Depending on the skill-base of the partipants, we can select features to work through:
Basic Skills
  • Setting up am educational wikispace
  • Settings for access
  • Quick theming
  • Inserting media and files
Some of the more advanced tools to use in Wikispaces we oul
  • Managing stats
  • discussion tabs
  • comments
  • history
  • realtime collaboration using etherpad/googledocs/ moving to asynchronous collaboration in wikispaces
  • wikispace syntax: toc and more

Option B - Discussion with Show & Tell

This could be a mixed discussion and hands-on show and tell where participants think about the ways that a collaborative space such as wikispaces can be used to enhance student collaboration both locally and globally.

Links to Wikispace Tutorials