Is this a good App for your classroom?

This is be an experimental hands-on session where we explore a variety of iPad applications that have been recommended by educators, some from international schools.

Some of the questions we may explore are:
  • For schools that already have 1:1 programs, how would students benefit from iPads?
  • How can we evaluate an application? What are the criteria?
  • What would work in your school and why? What may not work?
  • What may be the future of iPads in your school?

Some of the apps we will explore are:

Sock puppets
photo sync
comic life
iMovie - good for school trips
iNote lite
Frog Dissection
Video Physics
Kindle reader: good for highlighting words as these then save to your Kindle Account (highlights)

Evernote Peek
Peter Rabbit - Pop out Peter
Kids World Map
Sound Drop
Google Translate
Tunein Radio

iNote - records

Remote Control of your computer - doceri ($50)

Screen Shots: power button & centre key

One way could be to classify as follows:

  • individualised enquiry
  • group collaboration
  • instant feedback
  • creative expression

Some links to ipad resources: